My top Favorite moments of March 2020

March has been a month full of shifts and changes. Day to day living has drastically changed all over the world. It has been easy to get caught up in a spiral of negativity. I would like to take a moment to shine some light into all of our lives with my top favorite moments from March 2020.

Number 5: Saying goodbye to Diesel boats in Amsterdam Canal


In Amsterdam, Canal Boats are converting to electric Boats years before the 2025 deadline. As of right now 75% of the cities commercial fleet is already meeting the planned emissions-free regulations, and aim to be at 100% by 2021.This will have a huge impact on the waterways with less noise and cleaner water. 


Number 4: Pollution Levels Decreasing

Pollution levels have decreased all over the globe. With so many industrial areas and factories shut down, our planet has had time to heal. This pandemic has given us the views of a large sized experiment to demonstrate what it would look like to move towards  greener future.


Number 3: Virtual tours open for everyone

Zoo's,Museums, and Galleries, have opened their doors virtually for everyone to enjoy. This access brings so much joy to so many who may not have always had the chance to go in person. if you have not yet checked any out, I have added a few links you can check out!

Calgary Zoo -

National Gallery of Art, Washington -

Muse d'Orsay, Paris -


Number 2: Support Pizza's

 In Edmonton, LOVE PIZZA, has set up an option to purchase support pizza's for those on the front line. This is such a great community service! I'm sure we are all grateful to those going out everyday and facing this pandemic, and though pizza isn't enough to show how grateful we are, it is definitely a great way to bring a smile to someones day!

If you can and would like to share some love with those on the front lines, head over to and send them a pizza.


Number 1: Community Coming together

The amount of love and support spreading through our community has to be by far my favorite part of this month. Everyone rallying together, self isolating, and continuing to to support one another warms my heart. With or technology we can visit one another over screen time. There have been dance parties, crafting nights and much more over zoom. People are offering to help our more vulnerable citizens by offering to get them what they need. Kids are decorating the windows of their homes for everyone walking by to enjoy. This is the light that shines through the darkest of days. 


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