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Easter Bunny Candy Bag - Hopper

Easter Bunny Candy Bag - Hopper

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Easter can create a ton of plastic waste from all the candy packaging.  So we hoped into action and came up with these cute bunny and carrot bag sets so the Easter Bunny can deliver candy without the waste!

We recommended purchasing candy in bulk and then filling the bags. The carrot bag can hold roughly 1/3 cup of candy and the Bunny bag can hold roughly 3/4 of a cup of candy.

Once the carrots and bunnies are filled, then you can place in an Easter basket or hide them sporadically around for the kids to find. Once found have some fun and give them names. The kids will enjoy the candy and their new friends.
When the candy is gone, simply wash the bags and store them away until next year's Easter Bunny comes to visit and repeat the process.

These bunny bags will create fun memories for the kids as they will search for their bunny friends and carrots every year!

Dimensions of the bags:

Bunny bag.
3" high, (not including ears)1.5" wide bunny bag.
Holds 3/4 cup of candy

Carrot bag
6" long (including carrot top), 2.5"  at widest part of the carrot bag, 1.5" from surface to top of carrot when laying down.
Holds 1/3 cup of candy.

These are sold as a set
The prints may slightly vary from bunny and carrot set from the picture.
These are also great for dried fruit or nuts if candy is something a household avoids.
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