Textile Recycling Program

10,593 lbs. of textiles recycled!

We are continuously working on ways to reduce waste in our communities and we believe our textile recycling program is just another way we can achieve this!

Did you know a large portion of donated textiles end up in mountains of textile waste overseas? If they don't end up overseas they end up in our local landfills. A miniscule amount of textiles are actually repurposed and recycled here in North America. And we are working towards changing this!

Our Criteria

  • Must be clean
  • Stains and holes are acceptable
  • Absolutely no undergarments or socks
  • We love bedsheets
  • No furniture or pillows
  • Fabric pieces and scraps

Where to take them. 

Jar’d Mercantile Leduc 

We are currently looking for a new drop off location in Edmonton, as well as expanding to Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Sherwood Park. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in joining our program, please send an email to hello@earthwarriorlifestyle.com 

Are you in Edmonton and want us to pick textiles up for you?


How do we recycle the textiles?

Our first step is picking up the textiles from our drop off locations. And from there we sort them into different categories. If they are textiles we can use here at Earth Warrior, they get binned and then cut and sewn into the everyday lifestyle products that you use in your day to day lives. If we receive any garments that are like new we donate them to a local charity depending on their current criteria's.  If the good garments or textiles cannot be used in our studio, we team up with other local makers and provide them with the textiles they desire. And after this what ever good textiles are left we share with Blenderz Garment Recyclers, who sell these garments by the pound, or boxed up and sold as boxes of clothes for anyone looking to buy clothing secondhand. For any of the textiles that are too damaged to use, we have been cutting into small pieces to be used for stuffing in other makers projects.  We are currently researching shredders and hope to aquire one in the near future to make this easier on us. 


Textiles cannot be recycled like bottles and cans, so we are doing whatever we can to divert these textiles from landfills. Shopping from local Up-cyclers, recyclers and second hand resellers is a great way for individuals to support a full circle economy with textile "waste".

If you would like to learn about textile waste, Textile Mountain is a great informative documentary.  Click the picture below to take you to the video