Clean Dishes Bundle - Earth Warrior Lifestyle
Clean Dishes Bundle - Earth Warrior Lifestyle
Clean Dishes Bundle - Earth Warrior Lifestyle
Clean Dishes Bundle - Earth Warrior Lifestyle

Clean Dishes Bundle

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We want to make the your switch to a low waste Dish Cleaning routine easy!

Get your dish soap bar, Swedish Dishcloth, palm held beechwood scrub brush, long handle scrub brush and replacement scrub brush head all in one bundle!

Dish Soap Bar 

This mighty bar is pure 100% olive oil soap - It's a french inspired Marseille soap made to be a utilitarian, minimalist soap you will come to love as the French do! 

Use this soap to wash dishes, hands, spot treat clothing, scrub your counters, floors, etc. It can do it all.

Because this is a Castille soap, it's less sudsy but it's very effective and is softer on your hands as well as the environment, than many other soaps out there.

Ingredients: Saponified extra-virgin olive oil*, distilled water. That's it. Super simple. Super effective and gentle. * = organic.

Approx. 180g in size

How to Use:

Rest on a wooden soap dish with holes/slats to let the water drain away and let the soap dry out between uses. We love it best right next to our kitchen sink. To wash: Wet your scrub brush or cloth with water, scrub the cloth/scrubber onto your soap block to load it up with soap, then scrub your dishes or counters, etc. Reload your cloth/brush as needed. 

Advantages of using dish bar soap vs. liquid dish soap!

  • No bottle = zero plastic waste
  • Safe, non-toxic ingredients. 
  • Made with sodium lye instead of potassium lye (liquid soaps) much more gentle on the skin.
  • Long-lasting & cost-effective! A bar will last several months!



Beech Wood Long Handle Scrub Brush with Sisal Fiber Bristles

9" long (from end to end)

Head of brush is:

2" circumference

The head of the brush is replaceable. 

These are great for washing dishes, hard to reach places in jars and scrubbing pots and pans. 

To dry off after use give it a good shake to release any excess water.  we place it with the bristle facing up in direct sunlight a couple times a week to help prevent mold as well. To keep the wood  handle in it's best condition it is good to wax the handle with a natural wood wax from  time to time. 

Beech Wood Long Handle  Replacement Scrub Brush with Sisal Fiber Bristles

2" circumference

1.5' tall

Beech Wood Palm Scrub Brush with Sisal Fiber Bristles

3.25" tall 

1.5" top diameter (for palm)

2.5" diameter bottom sisal brush 

These are great for washing dishes, and giving your pots and pans a good scrub!

Swedish dish cloth - Earth Warrior - 7 7/8" x 6"

Ditch the sponges and paper towels with a Swedish Dishcloth.  This is a dry sponge cloth  that can absorb 15 times its weight and cleans surfaces practically streak free.  

It is made of 70% cellulose, which comes from trees, and 30% cotton. The ink used on the prints are water based and are completely biodegradable. The cloth will last 6 to 12 month and at the end of its life you simply throw it into your compost.

It is easy to wash, just place in your dish washer, if no dish washer throw in the washing machine, and lay flat to dry.