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Denim Tree Tote Bag

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The bags dimensions are: 

Front and back: 13" long, 16" tall

Sides: 6"wide, 16" tall 

Bottom: 13"long, 6" wide

Handles: 12" from top of handles to top opening of bag

The front of the bag has a Tree design, and the back is solid denim with no design. 
These bags are made 100% from pre- worn jeans. The jeans are washed and then carefully cut out before sewn into these useful bags. The designs on the front are cut out from the denim scraps, and then the remainder of the unusable scraps are then cut into tiny pieces for composting. The bags are then sewn up, pressed, and the threads trimmed. The threads also become part of the compost.
They are perfect fo grocery shopping, farmers market trips, bringing to the beach, using as a book bag,or anything else you could think of using the bag for!

20% of Denim of this Tote bag sale goes towards Ocean Clean Up initiatives. We love our Oceans and want to keep them clean for all the creatures living in these vast bodies of water.  Let's live in Harmony with everything on this planet.