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  To date we have diverted 10,000lbs from the landfill or from being exported overseas! We are so excited to have reached this milestone. Our Goal was to reach this by the end of December 2022 and instead we reached it at the beginning of October 2022. There has been lots of learning along the way on this journey to reduce textile waste. We have gone deep into researching what happens to textiles when they are exported, sent to thrift stores and even the environmental impacts of when they end up in landfills. Did you know that only 20% of what the larger thrift stores receives end up on the floor for resale and out of that approximately 10% of what...

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Sprouting fun

Sprouting is a fun way to introduce your family to growing food. It is easy to do, in fact you can sprout right on your kitchen counter. If you are looking for new ideas to keep your children learning outside of school this is such a great activity. If your pantry is full of dried organic beans or lentils you can even use these instead of going out of your way to purchase new seed. The reward at the end of this activity is a delicious snack for everyone to enjoy! What you need: - A clean wide mouth Jar (quart size preferable) - A mesh cover and lid to seal - A cloth cover to cover jar. (tea towel...

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