Our Story

(Or, how this earth-defending group of compassionate, low-waste people came to be.)

Our Founder

Katrina Hillyer grew up on an acreage outside of Edmonton, Alberta, surrounded by all the natural beauty this Earth has to offer. Always encouraged to spend time outdoors, she developed a special bond with the trees, flowers and living creatures.

Her grandparents were always working in the garden or out exploring the Earth. Grandma Hillyer would take Katrina for walks around the yard where they’d discuss how all of her plants were doing. She spoke of them as if they were all her children. She taught Katrina to, quite literally, stop and enjoy the roses. And, she taught her to compost and never waste.

Grandma Tokarek gave Katrina her sewing and making skills. She would spend hours teaching Katrina how to paint, draw, and create. Thanks to Grandma Tokarek’s influence, Katrina wanted to be a fashion designer by the age of 5. She attended Fashion Design School at Marvel College, got her degree, an apprenticeship, and a dream job. Then, she learned about textiles, textile waste, and the environmental impact of the industry.

“In my core, I knew I could not proceed with my original dreams. I adapted them in a way that I could do what I loved and still make a difference on this planet. I started to up-cycle unwanted textiles and "textile waste", which snowballed into creating a zero waste studio.”

On a break from the industry, Katrina found herself working on an organic produce farm. She learned about soil science and what it meant to be involved in a full-circle environment: all the natural waste from the farm was used to feed the soil, and broke down to go back to the Earth. This inspired her to start making clothing again, but in a new way.

She started repurposing clothing and experimenting with ways to break down my scraps so they too could be full circle and go back to the Earth. She realized that, with her unique skill set, she could make and sell her own zero waste items, and Earth Warrior was born.

Our Ethos Earth Warrior is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It brings awesome people together, and creates positive change in the world.

We inspire people, and
change. Our products
make living your values
easy and enjoyable. Just
buy beautiful products you
love, and feel great about
it. No sacrifice, no catch!

We feel good doing good.
Whenever you use Earth
Warrior products, you can
feel good knowing you’re
saving plastic from
entering landfills, and trees
from being cut down.

We’re shaking things up,
big time. We’re walking the
walk and changing the
game with
industry-influencing shifts
that impact ecosystems,
economies, & people.

Welcome, Earth Warriors!
Earth Warriors are people fighting the good fight to make positive change in the world. In other words? Earth Warriors are people like you.