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Zero Waste Living

Welcome to Earth Warrior, your destination for stylish and sustainable living. At Earth Warrior, we believe in the power of individual choices to create a collective impact. Join us on the journey towards zero waste living and let's make every choice count.

Green Living Guide

Explore our Green Living Guide, your go-to resource for adopting eco-friendly practices. From reducing single-use plastics to embracing mindful consumption, our guide is your companion on the path to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Shop Our Zero Waste Lifestyle Collections

Indulge in our carefully curated collections designed to seamlessly integrate sustainability into your daily life. From eco-chic home essentials to fashion-forward zero waste accessories, each product is a testament to both style and environmental consciousness.

One Planet, Many Ways to Live Sustainably

Recognize that while we share one planet, our paths to sustainable living may vary. Earth Warrior celebrates the diversity of sustainable choices, understanding that small changes collectively lead to significant positive impacts.

Choose Earth Warrior as your ally in the journey towards a more sustainable future. Start shopping our zero waste lifestyle collections and explore the Green Living Guide today, we recommend starting with Our Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Living. Together, as Earth Warriors, we can make a difference for our planet.

Corporate Upcycling

Welcome to Earth Warrior Corporate Upcycling, where sustainability meets corporate innovation. Elevate your workplace with our tailored upcycling solutions, not only minimizing your environmental impact but also providing avenues for new product creation, corporate gifts, and innovative waste reduction solutions.

Why Embrace Earth Warrior Corporate Upcycling?

1. Environmental Stewardship

Partnering with us means actively contributing to a greener future. Our upcycling initiatives significantly reduce landfill waste, showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.

2. Customized Sustainability Solutions

Tailor your upcycling initiatives to fit seamlessly into your corporate structure. Our team collaborates with you to create bespoke plans that align with your values, culture, and aesthetic preferences.

3. Employee Engagement and Pride

Foster a sense of pride among your employees by involving them in the upcycling process. This engagement not only enhances team morale but also instills a collective commitment to sustainability.

4. Brand Enhancement Opportunities

Showcase your commitment to sustainability in your branding. Highlight your upcycling efforts as part of your corporate social responsibility, enhancing your brand image and attracting eco-conscious clients.

Our Corporate Upcycling Process

  1. Design Collaboration: Work closely with our experts to create a customized upcycling plan that integrates seamlessly into your workspace, creating functional and stylish items.

  2. Product Innovation: Utilize upcycled fabrics to generate new products for resale, corporate gifts, or as solutions to reduce waste in your company.

  3. Employee Empowerment: Provide workshops and resources to educate your employees on the importance of upcycling and how to actively participate in the process.

Join the Earth Warrior Corporate Upcycling Movement

Transform your workplace into a sustainable hub of innovation and corporate pride. Contact us today to explore how Earth Warrior Corporate Upcycling can redefine your workspace, generate new opportunities, and showcase your commitment to both sustainability and corporate success. Together, let’s turn waste into corporate value.


 Check out Our Corporate Upcycling Partners here.


Waste Reduction Audits

Waste reduction is not just a goal but a commitment to a greener future. Our Waste Reduction Audits are designed to empower your business with strategic and sustainable approaches that go beyond waste management, focusing on actively reducing waste and fostering environmental stewardship.

Why Opt for Earth Warrior Waste Reduction Audits?

1. Proactive Waste Reduction Strategies

Our specialized team conducts a thorough analysis of your business processes, identifying opportunities for waste reduction at the source. We prioritize proactive measures to minimize waste generation.

2. Economical and Sustainable Solutions

Discover innovative and sustainable practices that not only reduce waste but also contribute to cost savings. Earth Warrior Waste Reduction Solutions Audits aim to align environmental responsibility with economic efficiency.

3. Compliance with Sustainable Standards

Stay in harmony with environmental standards by embracing waste reduction strategies. Our audits ensure your practices align with current sustainability standards, enhancing your reputation and reducing regulatory risks.

4. Tailored Sustainability Roadmap

Receive a personalized action plan that outlines practical steps for waste reduction, allowing your business to navigate towards a more sustainable future. We tailor solutions to fit your business needs, industry requirements, and corporate values.

Our Waste Reduction Solutions Auditing Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Understand your business objectives, challenges, and current waste generation processes.

  2. On-site Evaluation: Conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment to identify areas where waste can be actively reduced.

  3. Data Analysis: Analyze waste data to uncover patterns, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for immediate intervention.

  4. Strategic Recommendations: Develop a detailed report with actionable recommendations, prioritizing waste reduction, and promoting sustainable practices.

Benefits of Embracing Waste Reduction Solutions

  • Resource Efficiency: Implement practices that actively reduce waste, leading to optimized resource utilization.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Showcase your commitment to sustainable practices, attracting environmentally conscious customers and partners.

  • Engaged Workforce: Involve your team in sustainable initiatives, fostering a positive workplace culture centered around environmental responsibility.

Join the Earth Warrior Waste Reduction Revolution

Take the initiative towards a more sustainable future. Contact Earth Warrior today to schedule your Waste Reduction Solutions Audit. Let's collaboratively transform waste into an opportunity for positive change within your business and the broader community. Together, we can build a future where waste reduction is synonymous with business success.


Textile Recycling

17,935 lbs of Textiles Recycled and Counting!

At Earth Warrior, we are committed to minimizing waste in our communities, and our textile recycling program is a significant step towards achieving this goal. With a staggering 500 million kilograms of textiles ending up in Canadian landfills annually, we believe it's time to take action.

The Textile Recycling Initiative

Why Textile Recycling Matters

Over 70% of discarded textiles can be reworn, repaired, or recycled. We're on a mission to keep these textiles out of landfills, and with your support, we've recycled an impressive 17,935 lbs and counting!

Our Recycling Process

1. Collection and Sorting

We kick off the process by collecting textiles from our corporate partners. The textiles are then meticulously sorted into different categories, including:

  • Textiles for Upcycling
  • Garments in Great Condition for Recirculation (if applicable) 
  • Garments Needing Light Mending (if applicable)
  • Textiles for Shredding

2. Upcycling and Recirculation

Textiles earmarked for upcycling and recirculation undergo a laundry strip, followed by a thorough wash and dry cycle. Once cleaned, they enter the manufacturing section of our studio, where they are expertly cut and sewn into new, high-quality products.

3. Shredding for Creative Reuse

Textiles designated for shredding are hand-shredded and repurposed in innovative ways. From yoga blocks to custom cushions, we breathe new life into these materials, ensuring they serve a purpose beyond the landfill.

4. A Step Towards Circular Textiles

While textile recycling is on its way to becoming fully circular, we recognize the challenges due to diverse fiber types and weaves. Despite the complexities, we are dedicated to diverting textiles from landfills by recreating them into new and useful products.

Join the Recycling Movement

We are extending our textile recycling services to companies looking to make a positive impact. If you're passionate about reducing textile waste and want to recycle with us, contact Earth Warrior today. Let's collaborate to create a future where every thread contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy. Together, we can make a difference, one recycled textile at a time.

Explore our corporate textile recycling partnerships.

  • I've purchased three packages of reuseable cotton rounds from Earth Warrior. They're soft and have held up extremely well in the wash. Not only have they helped me reduce waste, they're made locally from pre-loved fabric

    - Erika Droessler

  • The Unpaper Towels are THE BOMB! I use them all the time and they wash out brilliantly every time. I also have her produce bags that I use for grabbing produce at the store as I really do not like the plastic bags you can never open. The fact that Earth Warrior save so much fabric from the landfills and re-purposes them here in Edmonton and is one of the best kept secrets out there until now! This is a true Earth Warrior that represents!!

    - Carly Ashdown

  • Her products are well made, easy to care for and work great! The produce bags help keep produce longer in the fridge. The face wipes are super soft and help to use less make up remover.

    - Patricia Bailey

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