Zero Waste Studio

Welcome to Earth Warrior's Zero Waste Studio, where every step of our process is dedicated to creating a sustainable and waste-free environment. What does this commitment mean for us? Simply put, we produce zero garbage.

Our journey begins with the collection of textiles and raw materials, with a significant portion sourced from our community. Textiles that are no longer needed or have imperfections find a new purpose in our studio. Collaborating with other textile up-cyclers and recyclers in our community ensures that every piece finds a home, preventing unnecessary waste. Plastic bags, often used to transport these materials, are either recycled for our own purposes or shared within the community for reuse.

For materials ordered from manufacturers, we prioritize reusing packaging and share surplus with fellow makers for a second life. Our dedication extends to repurposing packaging for outbound orders, ensuring that even our shipping materials contribute to a sustainable cycle.

Before crafting our items, donated textiles undergo a thorough cleaning and sorting process. To minimize waste during laundry, we collaborate with a local maker who produces sustainable, chemical-free detergent. Large pales are reused for storage, reducing the need for excessive packaging. While we utilize a dryer during the winter months, we avoid dryer sheets, thanks to our anti-static detergent. Airdrying is preferred during the summer, further reducing our environmental footprint.

Cutting patterns involves repurposing old cardboard cereal boxes, providing them with a second life. Worn-out pieces are either recycled or shared with the permaculture community for gardening use. Blades are sharpened multiple times before recycling, and cutting scraps are cut to smaller pieces and used as stuffing in our Yoga blocks and meditation cushions.

In the sewing stage, we prioritize using 100% cotton thread instead of polyester, as cotton is compostable. Thread spools are repurposed as seedling starters for our gardening enthusiasts. Our commitment to reducing waste is evident in every aspect, from utilizing natural fabrics to composting thread scraps.

When it comes to packaging and shipping, we opt for preloved packages whenever possible. In cases where new packaging is necessary, we source 100% recycled materials. Our recent transition to paper shipping tape over plastic reflects our continuous efforts to make sustainable choices.

At Earth Warrior, we understand the impact businesses have on pollution and waste. That's why we are dedicated to leading by example, striving every day to reduce waste and be the change we wish to see in the world. From crafting items that reduce single-use products to our eco-conscious business practices, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet.