Earth Day 2023 Garbage Clean Up

Earth Day 2023 Garbage Clean Up

The Results are in From Our Garbage Clean Up's on Earth Day!

We are so excited to share that we had a total of 27 people join us between Nellie McClung Park in Edmonton and Lions Park In St Albert.  At Nellie McClung we picked a total of 15 bags of Garbage and at Lions Park we picked 18 bags of Garbage!

Some of the stranger items we collected were dirty diapers, a bike seat, a cookie jar, and a broken fishing rod.

Some of my favorite moments were connecting with community and catching up with a Maker friend, Justine Ma of Justine Ma Designs. Petting the cutest puppy that joined us at Nellie McClung Park. My Uncles Best friend also came out to support and help clean Garbage and I know if my Uncle were still here he would have been so happy about his friend showing support. 

In St Albert it was great to converse with Eco Nerds and and watch the baby Beavers swimming in the River. 

I love hosting and co-hosting Garbage clean up's. It is such a great way to connect with community while also doing something meaningful for our community.

Please Enjoy some of the moments we captured with our Gallery.

The Grabage Clean up crew at Nellie McClung Park on Earth Day 2023 Garbage Clean Up Crew at Lions Park in St Albert on Earth Day 2023 

 Picking Garbage at Lions Park in St Albert 


If you couldn't make it to any of the Garbage Clean Up's for Earth Day, That's Okay! Below are a list of Our upcoming events. You can head to our Facebook Page to RSVP to any one of the dates listed below.

Edmonton Garbage Clean Up Date 2023

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