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Sprouting fun

Sprouting is a fun way to introduce your family to growing food. It is easy to do, in fact you can sprout right on your kitchen counter. If you are looking for new ideas to keep your children learning outside of school this is such a great activity. If your pantry is full of dried organic beans or lentils you can even use these instead of going out of your way to purchase new seed. The reward at the end of this activity is a delicious snack for everyone to enjoy!

What you need:

- A clean wide mouth Jar (quart size preferable)

- A mesh cover and lid to seal

- A cloth cover to cover jar. (tea towel can work)

- Sprouting seed I offer a list of the different seeds options down below)


Step one:

Place 2-4 tablespoons of sprouting seed in a clean jar (you can add more for a larger quantity, you can use you own judgement) and fill to about 3/4 full with cool water. place on the mesh cover and lid to allow airflow and let soak for 8-12 hours. Larger seeds, such as chickpeas, require longer soaking times up to 24 hours. 

Step 2:

After soaking, rinse the seeds gently but thoroughly with cool water and drain well. Because the jars have the sealed mesh lid on them, you can prop the jar at an angle upside down and leave to drain. A dish drying rack works great for this purpose. Once well drained, cover the jar to keep out of direct light and keep it at room temperature.

Step 3:

Repeat the process 2-3 times a day. (I generally only do this twice a day) for 2-3 days. Time will vary per seed. Once sprouts start growing a tail you can start sampling one a day until you find the taste that suites your taste buds best and then you can add them to your meal or just snack on them. If you would like to save them for a meal at a later date, simply put the jar in the fridge. 

Day 3 sprouted Red Lentils

Seeds For Jar Sprouting:

There are a number of different seeds that can be used for sprouting.

Lets start with seeds or bulk dried goods that you may already have in your pantry:

- Quinoa

- Chickpeas

- Mung Beans

- Lentils


- Flax

- Fenugreek

- Fennel

- Oats

- Sesame

Other seeds that are great for sprouting include:

- Alfalfa

- Amaranth

- Arugula

- Basil

- Broccoli 

- Cabbage

- Chai, Black

- Clover

- Curly Cress

- Garlic Chives

- Mustard

- Onion

- Peanuts , Raw Shelled

- Radish

- Wheat


What to do with your newly grown sprouts:

Once the sprouts are all ready to harvest it is time to enjoy them. You can either enjoy a handful here or there as a snack, or you can add them into your meals. Some of my I add my favorite dishes that I add sprouts to include:

- Sandwiches and/or wraps

- Stir-fries

- Salads


- Rice/quinoa Bowls

- Soup garnish

I'm sure there are many more ways to use them,add a comment below with ways you enjoy using your sprouts!

If you do not have a mesh screen and cover we have them available in our online shop or you can use a mesh flour sifter.

When you try this at home please tag @Earthwarrior_Lifestyle on Instagram or EarthWarriorlifestyle on facebook. I would love to see your sprouting journey and hear about how you incorporate the sprouts into your meals!

 Happy Sprouting,


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