Fast Fashion Documentaries: Unveiling the Industry's Impact

Fast Fashion Documentaries: Unveiling the Industry's Impact

Want to learn more about fashion and its impacts on the environment.  We have gathered our favorite documentaries to share with you.

The true cost

"The True Cost' is a groundbreaking documentary that unveils the hidden stories behind the global fashion industry. This eye-opening film takes you on a journey from crowded factories in developing countries to opulent runways in fashion capitals. It exposes the social and environmental costs of fast fashion, revealing the harsh realities faced by workers and the devastating impact on the planet. Through powerful interviews with industry insiders, activists, and survivors, 'The True Cost' challenges us to rethink our relationship with clothing and encourages a shift towards conscious consumerism. 

                             Fashion Documentary The True Cost

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RiverBlue is an eye-opening film that takes you on a journey around the world, revealing the devastating effects of textile manufacturing on our waterways and communities. Through powerful storytelling and expert interviews, 'RiverBlue' sheds light on the urgent need for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Get ready to be inspired to make conscious choices and be part of the movement towards a more environmentally responsible future. A must-watch for anyone passionate about fashion, sustainability, and the health of our planet.



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Textile Mountain

Through powerful storytelling and striking visuals, you will be confronted with the staggering environmental and social consequences of our consumption habits. Textile Mountain unveils the harsh realities faced by communities grappling with the overwhelming piles of discarded clothing. With compelling interviews and on-the-ground footage, the documentary calls for urgent action and raises crucial questions about responsibility, sustainability, and the future of fashion.



textile mountain documentary


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This thought-provoking film unveils the alarming practice of stealthily exporting of plastic clothing waste to Kenya. 'Trashion' exposes the harsh realities faced by communities dealing with the influx of discarded garments, shedding light on the need for responsible and sustainable fashion practices.

trashion documentary


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