What does fashion mean to you?

Typically when we think of fashion, we think of models on runways and extravagant galas of all our favourite stars. But what does it mean to the rest of us? 

Fashion is typically used as an outlet for people. Fashion can represent our characters, how we feel about ourselves and what we believe in. Sometimes, which fashion we choose can be harmful without our knowledge. Let's dive into that.

Let's begin with the eliteness of wearing a new expensive outfit everyday. It is draining on not only our earths resources, but also your wallet. The thing about money is it is a powerful tool. It can be used to go towards something you truly believe in and support, or it can go towards something that you want to be apart of that doesn’t really care much about you. When you spend your money on fast fashion, it sends a message that what those companies are doing is okay. It’s okay that textile waste contributes for 3 billion pounds in the landfill per year - which is only 15% of all thrown away textiles. It’s okay that people work in hazardous conditions for less than a livable wage. It’s okay that people can benefit off of you trying to earn status in society, and as your mental health declines because of attachment to outer objects they don’t care.

Let’s touch on that last part. You are beautiful the way you are. You should be able to shop and buy products that make you truly happy. Wouldn’t putting your money towards a company that offers full transparency, treats their employees with respect, and doesn’t harm the earth make you feel better? 

 Fashion Revolution started out of a tragic incident, but it lives on through us and our decisions. We can decide where and what our money goes to. We can decide how we fell about ourselves. And most importantly, we can decide to reduce our footprint on this earth so that our future generations will have a beautiful place to call home.

At your own pace, learn about sustainability and see what that means for you. Maybe it means shopping more ethically, or even shopping less. The point is not to perfect. The point is to continue to try and work through the imperfections.

 Thank you.

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