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Make Up Wipes - stripes & plaids - 8 pack

Make Up Wipes - stripes & plaids - 8 pack

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Re-usable Make-up remover wipes.
These reusable face pads are 3" square, and are available in a package of 8. 

These cotton wipes are gentle on the face, and are a great replacement for throw away cotton rounds. They work great for removing make up and/or applying toners.
You can use one for a few days by giving it a quick hand wash after every use and then place aside to air dry. When you have used all your wipes you can 
machine wash them with your towels or other laundry and air dry or if you put them in the dryer keep the temperature low. You can also give them a more thorough hand wash and leave them to Air dry.

 If you place water and face cleanser on one, it creates a really nice lather! Then you can rinse it out and use it as a little wet wash cloth. You can use each for about 3 days in a row. If using heavy amounts of make-up you may find that you can only use the cotton rounds for one days use before having to give it a thorough wash.

These Are made from 100% re-purposed cotton Flannel. so not only are you reducing single use cotton waste but you are helping reduce textile waste by using these.

Fun fact:
Single use cotton pads are thick, absorbent and waste too much product (toner, liquid make-up remover). Where as the reusable cotton rounds are thin, low-absorbing cloths that won’t waste your product. In return you will be saving money since you won’t be going through your liquids as fast.

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