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Produce Bags - Florence

Produce Bags - Florence

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At Earth Warrior, we strive to live in harmony with our planet and take action towards a more sustainable future. These lightweight reusable produce bags are an eco friendly solution to purchasing and storing produce. Using these will help reduce up to 150 plastic bags in your household every year. 

The produce bags are all made from recycled textiles to also aid in reducing textile waste from entering landfills.

Each set of three come in three sizes.

A small - 9x11 Inches 

A medium -  9x14 Inches 

A large 11x14 Inches 

The size smalls work great for snacking cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, berries, nuts, rice and so much more.

The medium bags are very handy for celery, beet bunches, green onion bunches, Kale bunches, dried pasta noodles, baking chocolate and more.

The large bags are great for apples, potatoes,  onions, carrots. Lettuce heads, broccoli, quinoa, and more.

They are lightweight and do not contribute much of any weight to the scales at checkout. I recommend leaving the bag open at the scale for the cashier to easily ring through your produce. Then you can simply carry out with the handles or tie the handles up and place in a larger tote bag if you have a ton of groceries.  

You can even use these produce bags to store some of your produce. The produce we found best stored in these bags were radishes, cucumbers, peppers, beet bunches, kale bunches, fruit, and any other veg that does not require a ton of moisture .  We suggest misting the bags before if you plan on storing your leafy greens, or any veg that could dry out too quick in them and then place them in the crisper, As for carrots, and celery we suggest placing those in a dish full of water to keep them nice and firm. Other options of storage include cleaning your vegetables once you get home and cutting them up and placing them in reusable sealed containers for easy accessibility and usage. For any dried good, It is best to place in a sealed container when you get home. 

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