Earth Warrior Corporate Upcycling Partners: Leading the Change Together

We are proud to introduce and celebrate our Corporate Upcycling Partners—visionary businesses that have taken the bold step towards a more sustainable future.

Our Collaborators in Sustainability

Kuma Outdoor Gear 

Kuma Outdoor Gear is renowned for its commitment to quality, comfort, and durability in their luxury camping gear. From camping chairs, tents and accessories, Kuma's offerings reflect a passion for adventure and a dedication to providing outdoor enthusiasts with the best gear for their explorations.

The Re-discover Project

In collaboration with Earth Warrior, Kuma Outdoor Gear has embraced the Re-discover Project, an initiative that reimagines the lifecycle of their outdoor chairs, tents and pet accessories. Rather than letting returned items end up in landfills, we've pioneered a process that upcycles these materials into new, high-end outdoor adventure gear.

Learn more about the project here.


The Edmonton Convention Center

The Edmonton Convention Center stands as a beacon of innovation in the events industry, embodying a commitment to sustainability and creative solutions. Earth Warrior proudly partners with the convention center to transform their waste into functional and eco-friendly accessories during a recent rebranding initiative.

Vinyl Sign Upcycling: As part of their rebranding journey, the Edmonton Convention Center collaborated with Earth Warrior to repurpose their vinyl signs into stylish tote bags. This not only reduced waste but also transformed conventional marketing materials into unique, sustainable accessories.

upcycled vinyl signs into new tote bags

Lanyards from Textile Recycling: Going beyond the rebranding project, Earth Warrior extended the collaboration by providing the Convention Center with lanyards made from textiles sourced through our textile recycling program. These lanyards, created from upcycled materials, embody a sustainable and stylish approach to event essentials.