Where are your Products made?

Our products are hand made in a zero waste studio located in Edmonton, Alberta.  We re-purpose, clean, unwanted textiles to produce our products. So not only will you be aiding in reducing plastic waste but you are also helping with reducing the growing textiles waste problem. 

What is a Zero Waste Studio?

Here at Earth Warrior our studio is completely zero waste. This means we have no garbage that leaves our work space. Learn more about this on our Zero Waste Studio Page

Why Do you use textile waste to make your products?

Due to fast pace throw away societies, textile waste has become a huge problem. A lot of textile waste in North America is sent off to other (mostly third world) countries to be dealt with. Unfortunately there is so much textile waste it is just piling up in these countries,and many countries are starting to put bans on North America's used textiles. To help reduce more textiles from entering landfills or being shipped off, we work with thrift stores and other donation centers to buy used textiles that no longer serve them purpose.

Are the used textiles clean and safe for using with food?

Absolutely!  Once we gather the textiles they are all washed on a sanitary cycle to kill off any stored up bacteria. The textiles are cut and sewn up within a few days after being cleaned.  There is no harm in re-purposing used textiles when they are cleaned properly.

How does a retailer go about carrying your brand?

If you are a retailer and are interested in stocking us, please E-mail us at hello@earthwarriorlifestyle.com . We can then send you our wholesale list.