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Yoga Block - Secret Garden

Yoga Block - Secret Garden

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We have made these yoga blocks consciously by using all repurposed materials. 

The inside block is stuffed with our thread and fabric scraps as well as sanitized, damaged and shredded textiles we receive in our textiles recycling program. The inner block outside is also made from repurposed textiles we receive. The beautiful outside of the yoga block is made from upcycling discontinued upholstery samples. we have also made it so you can take the outside off to wash. (please wash in cold water and hang to dry)

Yoga Block dimensions:

11" lengthwise



Weight  2.75 lbs each

These are a nice soft block perfect for relaxing yoga and meditation. They are great for resting your head on during childs pose or even to use for balancing on days your body needs some extra love and assistance. 

Self care is important on our journey's through life, so grab a block and take some time to relax and meditate.

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